You created a unique (but intensive!) business model so that you:

Get Paid for Value Engineering (VE) & Stop Competitive Bidding
Control Both Pre-construction & Construction Processes

Create a Profitable Integration of Design & Build

Discover the art of conducting an investment-driven VE process that clients are happy to pay for as partners in design, rather than a free bid product that creates an adversarial relationship offering little utility. 

Being responsible for managing both pre-construction and construction requires the right tools and systems.

Whether you're a builder offering design or an architectural firm providing construction services, we provide tools to boost profits, reduce overhead, and track KPIs for a proactive business strategy.

We can help you reduce field shopping costs, plug revenue leaks in your contract, avoid V.I.F. field errors, and manage client expectations for easily justifiable change orders.

Streamline your operations so you can focus on delivering top-quality services while bringing your design vision to life!

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