As Builders, these are the questions you face:

How can we handle more projects with our existing PM staff?
How can we get paid for estimating?

How can we make our company more profitable?

Are your PMs managing details easily managed by others? Of the over 100 Repeated Accountabilities required to run any project, only 12% absolutely MUST be done by the top Project managers.  The rest can be efficiently managed by support staff with the right systems in place. We can set you up for success.

We’ll also show you how to transform your free bid product into a powerful Value Engineering process that clients will happily pay for because it saves them money and makes you a partner in the process. 

We can help you reduce field shopping costs, plug revenue leaks in your contract, and manage client expectations for easily justifiable change orders. 

Our business systems development can help you increase profits, cut overhead, and provide ongoing KPI analytics for informed strategic decisions. 

How can we help you?