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Vista Foundry

Vista Foundry Is:

A talented group of consulting professionals:
A core team of Owner's Reps and Project Advisors
A referral cohort of Strategic Partners for specialized services
A network of Industry Experts at your fingertips

Vista Foundry Offers:

On-demand consulting services for our clients that:
Protect Owner's best interests in design and construction
Safeguard financial goals and construction budget
Recover and restart interrupted projects
Prepare home insurance for disasters, maximize awards afterwards
Dependably assess potential property purchase or leases
Provide Expert Witness services for construction and real estate attorneys

Vista Foundry Provides:

Proprietary tools and systems for our clients that:
Expertly navigate budget-aligned design and build processes
Facilitate a 3-step Value Engineering process for cost control (see FAQs!)
Conduct discovery, revise contracts, and schedule a swift project restart
Before: identify policy shortfalls. After: identify True Rebuild Costs
Target property opportunities and challenges to support ROI goals
Create compelling reports, graphics, and testimony to settle or win

Why We Do It

You define success. We want to help you succeed in whatever role you play as a project participant or as owner/investor.  Together we'll sequence a path to get you there.
We want you to feel heard and understood, empowering you to navigate this process with ease. It's just who we are.
We have the tools, systems, and talent to make a positive and profitable difference in people's lives. We find meaning in doing that, and it's why we get up in the morning.
Because "If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day.  If you teach them to fish, they eat for a lifetime".

Where We Do It



Since our first project together 20 years ago

Since the very our first project together in Mill Valley, CA 20 years ago, John and his team have been an invaluable resource to me. John’s incredible breath of knowledge and his tactful guidance have help me avoid many problems and pitfalls. 10 years ago, we bought some land far off the grid in Big Sur, CA, and have been developing our homestead ever since. John helped us set a high bar for the quality of the design and construction while also showing us how to manage the incredible number of details we needed to track to get it done. I simply could not have done it without him.

Vic C.
John and his process has saved me considerable time and money

My project hit some serious snags resulting in a complete work stoppage. With no idea what to do next and many sleepless nights, I engaged John for assistance. He quickly identified the issues, provided new ways to think about the project and put together a plan to get us back on track. His process was very straightforward and leveraged current 3D technology to eliminate any possibility of guesswork. John and his process has saved me considerable time and money and I now look forward to a successful project outcome. No more lost sleep!!

Allan L.
John's guidance has been invaluable to us

John's guidance has been invaluable to us, both as we prepared to purchase our older home here in Fairfax, CA, and as we have moved forward with projects at the home. John's breadth and depth of knowledge is incredible, as is his capacity for identifying all the most important factors and giving us timely advice in our decisions. I especially appreciate how he is able to help us prioritize projects, not only on the basis of cost, but in terms of investment value, which is so critical for us. Thank you, John!

Ford P.
John has helped me buy several properties in the last 20 years.

John has helped me buy several primary residences and investment properties in the last 20 years, most notably my home of 9 years in San Geronimo, CA, and my next home in Asheville, NC. His ability to spot the opportunities, honestly name the challenges, and guide me through the many reports was far beyond any help I ever received from an architect, contractor or home inspector. I’ve also invested in many homes in the Atlanta area, and I know I can count on him for insightful guidance in those purchase and investment decisions. I walk away with a detailed spreadsheet and a clear list of short-term, long-term, and nice-to-have lists of repairs and improvements. His knowledge and expertise is unparalleled.

Amy P.
I hired John Fraine and Shawn Berry to remodel my first home in 1993.

I hired John Fraine and Shawn Berry to remodel my first home in 1993. Almost 3,000 sq ft and in poor shape, the house needed a huge makeover. When they were finished, I didn’t recognize the house. The plans, construction, and finishes were costed with wonderful transparency, so I knew exactly what was happening at every step. I trust John to always use the most modern technology and to help me visualize how my home will turn out. Today I still turn to John to advise me, most recently on a legalization issue for a home I purchased in Mill Valley, CA.

Mitch W.
Systems that promote efficiency, transparency and advocacy

I’ve worked with John for 30 years. In that time, I’ve seen him take our Design-Build firm from nothing to 30 employees twice- once when we started in the 90’s, and once after the 2008 crash. For all that time, John worked tirelessly to identify and create systems, that promote efficiency, transparency and advocacy for our clients.. My job was to work the systems he designed and roll out the software he developed. As the primary end user for all those years, I can tell you, they both just work.

Shawn B.

The Vista Foundry Team

John Fraine
John Fraine

John is the Founder and CEO of Vista Foundry, offering expertise based on 45 non-stop(!) years in the industry, converting his construction-only firm to Design-Build in 2008, offering Architectural and Interior Design, engineering, entitlement, and cost consulting. His Passion is, quite simply, systems. Developing software for his own firm, including Expert Structures that enable automation of Project Management functions without all those expensive meetings! Instead of Design and Build pros, John now directs a unique team of contributors, each possessing a critical skill to move projects along with minimal disruptions, change orders, and surprises.

Elisa Valentine
Owner's Rep and Insurance Consultant
Elisa Valentine

Elisa has over 10 years of experience working with John in design-build and holds an MBA from Dominican University of California. Elisa’s background in sales, marketing, design, and preconstruction combined with her unique understanding of Vista Foundry’s educational, investment-driven approach makes her an invaluable asset to the team. During her time working with John, Elisa demonstrated success in assisting clients with value engineering during design, pre-construction sequencing, and insurance optimization. Elisa also developed and implemented systems to boost profit and efficiency, including lead optimization, sales automation, and performance tracking.

Daryle Serrant
Automations and Data Specialist
Daryle Serrant

Daryle brings his 11+ years of experience in software engineering and data science to Vista Foundry’s business development and project consulting clients. A vital asset to the Vista Foundry Team, Daryle is skilled at crafting automation solutions for a wide array of business applications, from sales to operational structures. His data analysis, data visualization, and AI talents can also be utilized for legal actions and other industry applications. He also helps our clients get up to speed on the latest online platforms, tools, and interfaces, assisting with custom configurations for each client’s (and each project’s) unique needs.

Alex Kulchytsky
Revit Modelling and Point Cloud Conversions
Alex Kulchytsky

Alex’s talent with scanned point cloud data is only exceeded by his talent in modeling that data to produce 2D and 3D RevitⓇ (by Autodesk) products for Vista Foundry’s clients. His expertise spans structural analytic graphics, design renderings, and facilitating online iterative design and construction processes. A key team member, Alex's skills shine in Project Recoveries, ensuring precision in construction details crucial for renegotiations. He transforms drawing intentions into Ikea-style instructions, ensuring swift and error-free projects. Alex's services extend to MEP Clash Reporting, Virtual Staging & Sales Tours, Facility Management graphics, and BIM Coordination.


Strategic Partners

Jarrett B. Topel
Topel & DiStasi Wealth Management

Jarrett and his partner run a wealth management firm in the SF Bay Area. Their expertise with markets, instruments, and investment strategies allows our clients to make the best possible short- and long-term decisions for themselves, their families, and their businesses. Jarrett and his team work directly for Vista Foundry's clients as project consultant or long-term wealth managers. Their advice is both informed and expertly sourced from decades of experience.

Tim Nardell, Esq.
Nardell Chitsaz & Associates LLP

Vista Foundry's own source of legal advice for construction contract matters, Tim brings extensive experience in real estate, construction law, and industry contract optimization to the table. His availability for both quick questions and more involved consultations on complex circumstances, as well as his extensive action-based services to see your case through to the end, make him an indispensable part of Vista Foundry's retinue of experts.

Mary Barnard
Licensed Insurance Broker
Farmers Insurance Group

With insurance expertise spanning 3 generations, Mary's firm has been managing all of John's personal and business coverage since 1976. Specializing in reducing premiums while maximizing coverage, Mary ensures a personalized process– helping clients choose comprehensive, cost-effective solutions. Her team handles policies for home, business, auto, life, and more, excelling in clarifying coverage options, especially in unique circumstances.

Julio Moreno
Certified Google Workspace Administrator

Julio is a certified Google magician (or so it seems to us!). His experience and expertise with Google Workspace configurations, compliances, security audits, and migrations help keep "messy closets" cleaned up and data access easy across all platforms and devices. He handles project set-ups and breakdowns, distributing and archiving project data for Vista Foundry Consulting and Business Coaching clients. Truly a must-have on your side.

Rob Gold
Accounting and Tax Strategist

Rob has been John's primary financial strategist for all his endeavors since 2020, providing his own brand of corporate CFO wisdom that has helped steer many a ship clear of the shoals over the course of his extensive experiences in corporate finance over several decades. Rob now brings that same expertise to Vista Foundry's clients, advising on tax and accounting matters for them and their projects.

Jack Hayward
Systems Developer
Jack Hayward

Jack and John have worked together on business model-specific software projects for the design-build and general consulting industries and are currently working a new online-access tool for zoom content providers. Jack’s interest in AI-enabled or assisted processes make him an invaluable member of the Vista Foundry Team. Jack also produces musical content from his studio in San Rafael.

Outsourcing for:

Project Related Expertise
Digital Drawings
On-Site Scanning
Point Cloud Conversions to Revit
3D Modeling
Specialty Engineering
Specialty Trades
Site Engineering
Utilities Infrastructure
Rough Construction
Finishes Application
Industry Expertise
Images and Video
Existing Conditions
Forensic Investigation
Project Progress
Warrantee Records
Data Visualizations
Technical Writing
Research and Investigations
Digital and Paper Presentations
Business Consulting
Future Planning
IT Infrastructure
AI Integration