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Why Hire Us?

Save Time.
Save Money.
The. Most. Important. Reasons.  All of our services are specifically designed to serve you, your project, your business, your property, or your case with just these two goals in mind.  Easy to say!  Let us show you how it's actually done.
"That's all it costs?  Let's do this!"  ...said no one EVER.  Avoid the regret of "I wish I had known it would cost this much...".  Without a clear scope, we all know the costing experience can be challenging. Let us show you how to put a Value Engineering process at the beginning of design, not at the end.
Educating for
Most firms prefer to handle everything for you. And sure, we can absolutely do that. But we can also empower you as the captain of your own project. Learn the skills to minimize costs and steer your ship confidently with our guidance. Only as needed, just an email away.
Maybe you just need a little help now and then.  Maybe you'd like us to navigate a singular process. Start small, see where it goes, or let's just get the whole thing done.  Our only goal is to serve you with our insight, tools, and strategic advice.  Choose one service or many.  Only what you need.
With 45 years in the industry, we have the solid perspective of having offered both design and construction services ourselves.  This makes us uniquely suited to represent our clients throughout the entire process, from concept to completion.
of Expertise
No one knows everything.  That's not anyone's job.  Our highest-level skill is knowing who to talk to and when.  Whether we provide the expertise you need, or outsource it from industry partners, we'll either work with yours, refer you to ours, or find exactly what you need.  That's true expertise.

What Our Clients Say

Since our first project together 20 years ago

Since the very our first project together in Mill Valley, CA 20 years ago, John and his team have been an invaluable resource to me. John’s incredible breath of knowledge and his tactful guidance have help me avoid many problems and pitfalls. 10 years ago, we bought some land far off the grid in Big Sur, CA, and have been developing our homestead ever since. John helped us set a high bar for the quality of the design and construction while also showing us how to manage the incredible number of details we needed to track to get it done. I simply could not have done it without him.

Vic C.
John and his process has saved me considerable time and money

My project hit some serious snags resulting in a complete work stoppage. With no idea what to do next and many sleepless nights, I engaged John for assistance. He quickly identified the issues, provided new ways to think about the project and put together a plan to get us back on track. His process was very straightforward and leveraged current 3D technology to eliminate any possibility of guesswork. John and his process has saved me considerable time and money and I now look forward to a successful project outcome. No more lost sleep!!

Allan L.
John's guidance has been invaluable to us

John's guidance has been invaluable to us, both as we prepared to purchase our older home here in Fairfax, CA, and as we have moved forward with projects at the home. John's breadth and depth of knowledge is incredible, as is his capacity for identifying all the most important factors and giving us timely advice in our decisions. I especially appreciate how he is able to help us prioritize projects, not only on the basis of cost, but in terms of investment value, which is so critical for us. Thank you, John!

Ford P.
John has helped me buy several properties in the last 20 years.

John has helped me buy several primary residences and investment properties in the last 20 years, most notably my home of 9 years in San Geronimo, CA, and my next home in Asheville, NC. His ability to spot the opportunities, honestly name the challenges, and guide me through the many reports was far beyond any help I ever received from an architect, contractor or home inspector. I’ve also invested in many homes in the Atlanta area, and I know I can count on him for insightful guidance in those purchase and investment decisions. I walk away with a detailed spreadsheet and a clear list of short-term, long-term, and nice-to-have lists of repairs and improvements. His knowledge and expertise is unparalleled.

Amy P.
I hired John Fraine and Shawn Berry to remodel my first home in 1993.

I hired John Fraine and Shawn Berry to remodel my first home in 1993. Almost 3,000 sq ft and in poor shape, the house needed a huge makeover. When they were finished, I didn’t recognize the house. The plans, construction, and finishes were costed with wonderful transparency, so I knew exactly what was happening at every step. I trust John to always use the most modern technology and to help me visualize how my home will turn out. Today I still turn to John to advise me, most recently on a legalization issue for a home I purchased in Mill Valley, CA.

Mitch W.
Systems that promote efficiency, transparency and advocacy

I’ve worked with John for 30 years. In that time, I’ve seen him take our Design-Build firm from nothing to 30 employees twice- once when we started in the 90’s, and once after the 2008 crash. For all that time, John worked tirelessly to identify and create systems, that promote efficiency, transparency and advocacy for our clients.. My job was to work the systems he designed and roll out the software he developed. As the primary end user for all those years, I can tell you, they both just work.

Shawn B.
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